DRI was set up in 2004 and is a social enterprise based in Sussex. Our range of skills and knowledge allows us to offer consultancy and training services that are:

  • Inclusive: our experience shows that organisations thrive when the people who work in them feel involved and valued
  • Supportive: we create a healthy environment where people feel safe enough to explore issues and experiences in an honest way and move forward
  • Empowering: we help people build the skills and the confidence to fulfil their potential, wherever they are and whatever they do.
  • Long-lasting: we enable people to develop their skills independently, so they continue to grow long after our coaching has finished.


We strive to bring about integration and development within organisations and communities. We want to support people from migrant and culturally diverse communities to access the services they need and to develop their skills and confidence to achieve their goal – be it a job, supporting their community, qualification, work experience or new business.