Rozelle Bowerman

Born in Namibia, Rozelle has 20 years of marketing experience and has lived and worked in Southern Africa, South East Asia and the UK.

She runs her own Digital Marketing company based in Sussex, advising small to medium business owners on their digital communication strategy and has been working as an accredited digital marketing coach and trainer for the past 5 years.

She has experience in developing and presenting Social media courses and a variety of other accredited learning resources. “I have a passion for people and the key to my success is to listen to others and learn from their skills or experiences particularly in an ever-changing digital world. This diversity in various business sectors, communication platforms, cultures, marketing strategies and laws, has developed my creativity and my skillset.

As a member of DRI, I share in their passion to inspire and empower individuals who are ready to improve their life and influence on others to bring about a positive change.

Grace Owen

Grace has grown an eclectic portfolio of work over twenty years in London, the UK, Europe and Africa.

Grace is an experienced leadership development consultant with a proven track record in organisational-, learning-, training- and talent development, reflective practice and project management. Additionally, she has developed over a thousand leaders from thirty countries, at non-executive, board, senior, middle, junior and graduate levels, to excel and make a greater impact wherever they are. A philanthropist,

Grace is director of African Diaspora Kids, a community legacy project. She is a non-executive director of Camfed, which campaigns for female education in East, West and South Africa.

Grace is also a writer with her second book, ‘The Leader’s Call – 4 Insights for Leading Yourself at the Next Level’, published in September 2016.

Dr Clifford Conway

Clifford currently teaches at several universities in the UK and works as an external examiner on degree programmes in the areas of entrepreneurship and marketing.

He has been involved in running a number of short and accredited courses for business managers for national (The Pensions Regulator) and international companies (Texas Instruments).

He is also a UNESCO consultant where he helped develop a vocational business programme for Kaduna State in Nigeria.

Tove Sorensen-Bentham

I am passionate about contributing to individuals and organisations to reach their potentials, working in a peer to peer model of sharing knowledge and experience and reflecting on continuous personal and professional development.

Key skills

Leadership & Management Development and Capacity Building.


More than 30 years of working primarily in and with public service organisations in the UK and abroad. Formerly MBA Public Service Management Course leader for 17 years at the University of Brighton, 10 years as a non-executive director in the NHS and 12 years as a governor for a local school etc. I have chaired a number of NHS reviews into critical incidents and been a chair/member of NHS Pharmacy committees since 2006. I have since 2011 provided expertise to the British Government in areas such as Kurdistan, Somaliland, Nigeria, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and overseas territories. I have also visited and provided advise on an MBA for Eritrea. Key focus: leadership, strategy, change, ethics, quality & organisational culture. . Qualifications: LLM and MSc Social Policy