Since 2019, the global pandemic of covid-19 has impacted many lives in numerous ways, however, the structured divisions that were present within ethnically diverse communities only enhanced.  With individuals having to stay at home, it meant opportunities became even more restricted, limiting individuals who already struggle to gain access to services. As a result, DRI launched a project focusing on the emerging barriers that disadvantage ethnically diverse communities in gaining the necessary support, whether that be medical, housing or benefits. The project focused on the West Sussex area to establish the challenges and increase awareness of many unheard experiences. Overcoming such issues can prove difficult due to language barriers, reduced knowledge of providers or a lack of understanding regarding local services.

We are currently working with West Sussex CCG to continue to reach out to activists, organisations, and institutions across West Sussex to develop meaningful relationships when gaining an insight into the unknown inequalities. Additionally, we are looking to organise a webinar including several speakers and guests to discuss the concerns and recommendations that will influence the decisions of key stakeholders. Following this, a summary report will be produced, consisting of the project elements and discussions, as well as the points raised by the community.

If you are interested in getting involved and ensuring your voice is heard please feel free to contact us at


Aqsa Rehman

Community Development Intern