My name is Michael and I was unemployed and had been actively seeking employment, but I felt my CV and time out of the work place were a barrier. I needed to really improve my job application and interview skills and make my CV stand out from the crowd.

A recent study shows that recruiters spend only six seconds looking at your CV before making an initial judgment. I had applied for quite a high volume of jobs, but didn’t seem to be receiving many replies, and I was stuck in a rut.

I heard about a course organised by Diversity Resource International (DRI), a social enterprise who are local in Sussex, through Vandu Language Services. I really wanted to improve my skills and employability, and felt that it would be a great step in the right direction.

The course I signed up for was Acquiring Skills for the Work Place which covered the following:

  • Training to develop confidence and employment related skills
  • Practice to improve job applications and interview skills
  • Individual development support to become work-ready
  • Experience of volunteering in an appropriate work placement

The instructor, Yaa Asare was very personable, patient and interacted very well with the students.

Yaa is a visiting lecturer at the University of Sussex and Brighton, where she has taught modules on Community and Personal development and race and ethnicity in British society.

The course offers participants the opportunity to plan a career path and understand the skills needed to gain employment, advising on cultural norms when working in the UK and offering 12 credits at level 3.

Students then have the opportunity to do a work placement with a local organisation, and DRI will try to match the work placement to the student’s specific interests.

The main objective of the course is to prepare and help students to gain employment by developing marketable skills.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough for its content and knowledge gained. I can state from experience that this course gave me the confidence and skills to recognise my potential and also the opportunity to gain employment.