WEBINAR 2- FAIR ACCESS TO EMPLOYMENT & PROMOTION OPPORTUNITIES  РThis is the second in a series of 4 webinars that are commissioned by the disparities response programmes across Sussex as part of Sussex Health and Care Partnership which is made up of all of Sussex NHS trust and the three local authorities and organised by Diversity Resource International.

This second webinar took place on the 03rd of December 2020. The focus and topic of this interactive discussion is fair access to employment and promotion opportunities. It featured a series of esteemed speakers and an exciting agenda as detailed below.  You can read more about this webinar and watch the full video on our Research page.

The webinar aimed to address some key questions and concerns that our communities face such as:

Have you been able to find suitable jobs? Do you feel recognised when it comes to promotion? Have you experienced discrimination or bilingual and cultural incompetency? Do you have examples of good employers and employment practices?

A full report of all webinars will also be published at the end of the series.