The Sussex Health and Care Partnership has commissioned Diversity Resource International to host a webinar on 25th February 2021 featuring speakers who are knowledgeable, committed and active in the field of Race Equality in Education. This was the fourth in a series of webinars across Sussex, as part of the BAME Disparity Response Programme.

This webinar invited a range of speakers to share their experiences and convictions regarding the urgent need for schools throughout Sussex to fully engage with issues of race equality.   The focus throughout the webinar was addressing the need to prioritise appropriate resources in schools, hearing from consultants, academics, researchers, local authority school improvement leaders, teachers and pupils.  The speakers also shared advice on how to encourage teachers and school leaders to take a concerted anti-racist approach in their teaching and they shared current initiatives to support and inspire Black, Asian and minority ethnic pupils and to support schools to take a proactive approach to promote race equality.

You can watch the full video on our Research page.



RACE EQUALITY IN EAST SUSSEX SCHOOLS  – Guidance for Schools 2020 

Dr Mandy Curtis Presentation

Dr Marlon Moncrieffe Presentation         Decolonising the History Curriculum – DISCOUNT CODE

Bola Alysia Ayonrinde presentation

John Lynch Presentation

Atiya Gourlay presentation

Sam Beal Presentation

Shared Resources from the Event


A full report of all the webinars will also be published on our website at the end of the series

Agenda – An anti-racist apporach to Education

Decolonising Education – Speakers