A Generation of Effective Leaders for Africa (GELA)

A 5-day Leadership Programme for all sectors and community organisations

  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Location: UK and Africa
  • Fees: On request
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A Generation of Effective Leaders for Africa is an interactive, dynamic, practical, challenging and experiential programme. It has been delivered, in parts, to diverse groups of leaders in Ghana (2014), Tanzania (2014), Tunisia (2015), Johannesburg (2015) and Eritrea (2015, 2016).

The design is based on a tried and tested learning framework that connects global events to individual responsibility. Country leaders bring the cultural context and we keep the learning content relevant through a deep needs analysis, coupled with rigorously seeking out up-to-date knowledge and practice.


Our skilled facilitators are committed to a delivery philosophy based on ‘sharing and drawing out’ rather than ‘imposing and filling up’. We believe that every leader regardless of age, gender, role or experience has valuable perspectives to contribute to the whole learning community, which is created from day one.

Who is it for

Leaders with 2+ years of experience in a paid or voluntary role.


Our aim is to share leadership experiences, modern approaches, techniques and resources to enhance the effectiveness of leaders. In doing so we encourage, enable and equip a generation of effective Pan-African leaders to create and leave a positive legacy wherever they lead.


The learning framework is based on the five domains of leadership, a phrase introduced by Grace Owen in her book The Leader’s Call – 4 Insights for Leading Yourself at the Next level. The five domains are:

Day 1 – Leading yourself
Day 2 – Leading others
Day 3 – Leading functions
Day 4 – Leading organisations
Day 5 – Leading in society

We use various approaches to create an effective and inclusive learning space: starting every day with a reflection on a specific learning outcome, establishing a clear context and creating a shared community setting for the introduction of the learning themes and topics.

The delivery methods utilise analysis, quizzes, real-life and local case studies, inspirational leadership insights, group work and discussions, active summaries, role playing, Q&A, demonstrations, sharing of leadership and management experience, use of storytelling, feedback activities, local and African metaphors, arts presentations, action-led presentations, reflections and debates.

Dates and availability

This programme is delivered at a time that is mutually convenient in partnership with groups, organisations and institutions.

Booking information

Please email training@dricic.org or call us on 01273 311901 to find out more.