Diversity training for foster carers and social workers

Dates & availability


Booking information

Please email training@dricic.org or call us on 01273 311901 to find out more.


The sessions within this course will help you to:

  • Explore your experience and ideas of identity, ‘difference’ and social justice
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of being racially and culturally different
  • Develop strategies to support young people to challenge discrimination
  • Become familiar with current terminology
  • Understand how equalities legislation and policy affect you


Our trainer has been designing and running training sessions for foster carers and social workers since 1998.

Who is it for

Foster carers and social workers working with young people from other cultures and languages.


Participants will come away from the sessions with a deeper understanding of the young people they work with and have vital tools and strategies to support them in building a positive racial identity.


The starting point for all our sessions is to create a supportive atmosphere, where you can share ideas and life experiences in a safe and open way. Our training gives you a valuable insight into how children and young people experience racial and cultural difference, with first person accounts from young people themselves.