Level 3 Community Interpreting Course

Programme details

Duration: This 14 week online course leads to a nationally recognised certificate that is accredited by Ascentis
Location: Fully online - see below for details

The World, Britain is a multilingual society, but there are still members of some communities who struggle to understand or communicate in English. This qualification allows learners to develop the skills to help others to overcome linguistic barriers in everyday situations, such as accessing education, health services, housing, justice, and other public services.

This qualification is aimed at learners who have an interest in becoming a community interpreter and using a foreign language to help different linguistic groups in their community.

In this 15 minute video Mebrak, who is one of our directors, speak about why you should become a community interpreter, how interpreting helped her to start up her own company and connect with communities around East Sussex.


About the Course

It is an online course which means you can join classes regardless of where you are in the UK. The course will run for 14 weeks and cover some of the following topics:

  • Public services
  • The role of the interpreter
  • Interpreting methods and models
  • Interpreting practice through role plays
  • Cultural awareness
  • How to maintain Confidentiality and impartiality
  • Language Interventions
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Translation by Sight
  • Understanding Professional code of conduct
  • The pathways into employment and further training

Over the 14 week period, students will carry out a research project, build a bilingual glossary and gain practice experience through role-playing. Final grades are dependent on the submission of assignments, attendance, participation and practical application of skills learned.


Our trainers are experienced and qualified language professionals, who will guide and support you throughout your studies and help aid your employability.  We will send you information about your Course Facilitator and their credentials before the start of the course.

Who is it for

Anyone who is fluent in English and another language and looking for a new career opportunity to use their linguist abilities and support people in their community.


The total fee for the course is £700.  We accept a £150 to be paid as a deposit after you have been assessed for the requirements of the course. This is to keep your place on the course.  The balance of £550 can also be paid in instalments during the course. Please get in touch to discuss your financial requirements.

Booking information

Please email us at training@driorg.com to find out when our next course will commence or complete the enquiry form on the page.

See  a list of common Community L3- (Questions and Answers)) about this qualification below.

Below are some short 1 minute testimonials from students who have completed the course and what they found most valuable.


Level 3 Community Interpreting Course



Level 3 community interpreting course

Level 3 Community Interpreting Course