Preparing to set up a business

Programme details

Duration: 6 weeks
Location: TBC
Cost: £600 Inc. VAT

Dates & availability


Booking information

Please email or call us on 01273 311901 to find out more.


This is a 5-week course, with one session a week covering:

  • Business management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing and social media
  • Employment law and legal responsibility

Participants will learn how to manage their time, resources and connections and make use of the marketing tools available to them.



Our facilitators are qualified in Business Management with Masters Degrees and MBAs and run their own successful enterprises. They have a passion for supporting individuals with a dream to succeed economically and socially.

Who is it for

Anyone who dares to dream to run their own business and seeks to be financially independent by creating jobs for themselves and others.


Participants will gain realistic information on running their own business including the rewards and challenges. They will be aware of the resilience and hard-work that is required from them, including the legal responsibilities.

Day 1- Participants will identify personal strengths and qualities that are useful in a business context.

Day 2- Key resources will be identified to implement a personal action plan.

Day 3- Participants will learn about financial management and develop an effective business plan using a SWOT analysis.

Day 4- Participants will define ways in which to market their business and evaluate competition, including using social media and digital marketing.

Day 5- The group will present the prototype of their business to the community, selling their product and receiving feedback by implementing what they have learnt over the past 4 weeks.