Diversity Resources International (DRI) is a Sussex based non-profit making community organisation set up in 2004 to support migrant communities and ethnically diverse citizens settled in the UK. We offer support, share information, empower individuals and communities, facilitate community development programs and community-led research.

We offer this support through our bilingual community outreach workers, bilingual advocates, community researchers and mentors. 

If you would like to support the work of DRI please GET IN TOUCH to discuss how you can help.


We need Your help

Today, the people of Afghanistan need our help. Regardless of where they are from, there are people who need your support to recover and support themselves and their families.

Please support our Go Fund Page below  to support our Afghan community.

Please note that DRI has the capacity to help migrants who are resettling around Sussex & Surrey.

If you like to help in other ways and  would like to become a volunteer to teach informal conversational English or for other volunteering opportunities, please Get in Touch.




One Planet, One Nation

Since the Balkan conflict in early 2000 followed by Iraq, Afghanistan, the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Somalia, Kurdistan, Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, many global communities have been displaced due to war and conflict.

DRI has been supporting individuals and communities who have experienced family separation, displacements and loss. We are working with them on daily basis. Most of these social disasters are man-made while natural disasters are also on the increase.

Although all of us share this one planet, we are fortunate to be living in peace, in family unions and watching our children grow up in the land of their birth.


For others peace, unity and development is not possible.

This discrepancy results in our disconnection from each other and can cause us to forget our interdependency for survival as one global community.

The unsustainable global inequality and environmental catastrophe reach us daily in the news.  We react to those disasters as if they were unconnected to us and we turn our attention away.


Get In touch please

Please support the work DRI does in our local communities, please help our Afghan community today.

Visit the  G0-Fund page here.

For more information on how you can volunteer and help please contact us via e-mail at community@driorg.com