DRI Eastbourne Directory

This Directory has been developed by Diversity Resource International (DRI) to support diverse communities based in Eastbourne, East Sussex to be able to access community support services more easily. DRI is a social enterprise community development organisation set up in 2004.

All the public, voluntary, community organisations, faith centres, shops and small business which have been listed provide support to Black and Asian Ethnic Minorities and to new migrants. We hope the summaries of the services that they provide and the contact details given will be useful to anyone hoping to access appropriate support.

If we have missed any organisations that provide a useful service or you wish to offer any additional feedback please contact us at community@driorg.com.

This project is commissioned by the National Lottery Fund, Awards for All. The Directory will be shared with all the organisations above and individuals and community groups who might benefit from the information contained within it.

The contents in this directory are correct and current at the time of publishing.


DRI Directory

DRI Directory

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