What Motivates Us

DRI wants to shares its learning with individuals who dare to dream to improve their life and influence on others. We want individuals to improve in all aspects of their lives, whether personal or professional. Our dream is to improve health and develop effective leaders in our local area, in East Sussex, and make a postitive impact on the ethnically diverse communities.

DRI believe the need for action is more necessary than ever.

Happy Clients

I’ve worked as a diplomat in several African countries, and participated in many leadership and diplomacy programmes. However this one is emotionally special to me because you all came from the diaspora – African descendants of Ghana, Rwanda and Eritrea – to share your knowledge and modern leadership concepts and techniques with us in Eritrea. We take this as African solidarity. Thank you.
Eritrea leadership programme June 2016
We are using DRI’S tools to change our recruitment process. It has made me rethink practice and become more proactive
Senior Manager from our Diversity training workshop
DRI might look small but the impact they have on community development and business start-ups is huge in the UK. We were so happy to host the DRI seminar at Brighton University Business School because our academics and students learned so much about Eritrea socially, economical and politically. DRI is our bridge and connection to the international community in Sussex and Africa, and we love working with them.
Miranda Birch
Miranda Birch media
I was trained by DRI as a community interpreter and after two years I took the bilingual advocacy course. Working as an interpreter and bilingual advocate gave me the confidence to pursue my masters in linguistics at SOAS University. I am now working with an international company in the city of London.
Kate Bryant originally from Taiwan
DRI gave me access to new contacts and I no longer feel alone in my thoughts and experiences about racism in education
Local community member