Our purpose

The purpose of Diversity Resource International is two fold: - to support and be a voice for vulnerable communities highlighting barriers to development and communication, -to enable people to develop their skills independently, so they continue to grow long after our coaching has finished. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment/community where people feel comfortable to explore issues and experiences in an honest way in order to move forward for learning and development for individuals and organisations in the UK and further aborad.

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The impact they have on the community is huge

Miranda Birch from Miranda Birch Media

Our training

Empowering: we help people build the skills and the confidence to fulfil their potential so that it not only benefits the individual but our communities. We deliver a range of short and long programmes (non-accredited and accredited) for effective leadership, high performance at work, success in business and a better life.

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We take this as African solidarity, thank you

Attendee of the Eritrea leadership
programme June 2016

Our Projects

Our range of projects include research and development to support and encourage local communities as well as international research projects and schemes that benefit society at large. We value the positive role and rich value that diversity has to offer to help grow individuals, organisations, business society and bigger. Diversity is people from different backgrounds, experiences, skills, knowledge and behaviours coming together in unity to achieve success.

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Learn more about their community Seminars and webinars

Director of Business School University of Brighton

Our webinars

A series of community webinars and other community resources serves as evidence of communication and discussions on topics we dare to talk about. It seeks to build on further investment, exhanges and partnerships between ethically diverse communities and our partners in the UK and internationally.

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I wish I knew about DRI long ago

member of the East Sussex community