Welcome! You are warmly invited to read about DRI: our purpose, mission, vision and what motivates us to do our work. 

Our purpose

DRI’s purpose is to develop human capital and to create a safe environment for the learning and development of ethnic minority individuals, communities and organisations.

We want to encourage and train individuals to lead themselves in order to lead other people, organisations, communities and societies.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people use their passions, talents, skills and experience to build sustainable enterprises and achieve greater social impact. We aim to support individuals to lead themselves holistically and in turn lead their organisations and communities in the same manner.

We want to listen to and then address our community’s changing needs and work with other actors to respond to them by redesigning the processes, structures and circumstances that lead to discrimination, abuse and intolerance. We will work to remove the barriers to societal cohesion and provide the advocacy, support, networks, training and tools to help people from ethnic minorities to thrive.

Our vision

Our vision is to co-create the life experiences of people from ethnic minorities in the UK, regardless on where they are based in Britain. We want to see a society where differences spark educated and welcoming curiosity rather than resentment, and where people from all ethnicities feel safe, valued for their contribution to the cultural and economic fabric of life and a deep sense of belonging.

What motivates us

We believe there is huge, untapped potential in our local ethnic minority communities. We are working to mobilise the support available in diaspora communities, enable individuals to realise their ambitions and grow health and well-being in the local area. We want to support from the grassroots upwards, improve local government responses to social problems and release the power in local communities to make a difference in society at large.

We help people from migrant and culturally diverse communities to access the services they need.

We can help you to develop their skills and confidence to achieve your goal – be it:

  • getting a job
  • supporting your community,
  • getting a qualification
  • work experience
  • starting a new business.

DRI was set up in 2004 and is a social enterprise based in Sussex. Our range of skills and knowledge allows us to offer consultancy and training services that are:


Our experience shows that organisations thrive when the people who work in them feel involved and valued


We help people build the skills and the confidence to fulfil their potential, wherever they are and whatever they do.


We create a healthy environment where people feel safe enough to explore issues and experiences in an honest way and move forward

Long Lasting

We enable people to develop their skills independently, so they continue to grow long after our coaching has finished.