Our Team

Our team is comprised of passionate, skilled, and diverse professionals, each committed to generate positive change in the communities we serve. 

Tacye Turner

Tacye Turner

Services and Projects Manager

Aaron Clarke

Aaron Clarke

Consultant and Facilitator

Tacye Turner is new to the U.K., having moved here from the U.S. in 2021 to reside with her husband.

She’s passionate about empowering a diverse and global community while learning from others along the way. Tacye gained international experience through her years in Uganda as a Community Agribusiness Specialist with the United States Peace Corps. During her service Tacye partnered with her local community to hold computer trainings, a World AIDS Day event, and several groups that held regular sessions engaging in critical discussions on social issues. Tacye also took on the role of Chairperson for the Peer Support Network for Peace Corps Uganda.

Living in the USA, Tacye graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a minor in Spanish, spending years working in Theatre both on and off the stage. When not engaging with the community this way, Tacye was a Personal Organizer, assisting clients in finding sustainable solutions for their spaces while supporting the emotional impact that may arise; as well as a motivated member of the Wells Fargo Bank’s Diversity Committee, organizing events and activities to encourage and celebrate diversity within the workplace for over 7,000 employees in Minneapolis.

Tacye is driven to use her strengths in empathy, communication, listening and teamwork to promote a world of equality and empowerment.

Aaron is the Deputy Director at Vandu Languages, DRI’s sister company, and has been training its interpreters and customers for many years. On behalf of DRI, he provides Anti-Racism and Inclusion training to local public sector organisations. Aaron has overseen the development of all the training courses Vandu provides, making him well placed to assist with DRI’s training and development projects.

He is currently enroled on the Open University’s Masters of Business Adminstration, due to be completed December 2024.

Maria Tayao

Services and Project Coordinator


Services and Project Coordinator

Maria Tayao previously worked at American Express as a Travel Consultant acquiring extensive knowledge of the tourism industry. She graduated in MSc International Tourism Management at University of Brighton in 2021 and BA International Air Travel and Tourism Management at Solent University in 2020, with interests specifically in marketing and cultural studies in developing countries.

While her background is primarily within travel and tourism, she has a heightened interest in community development and destination planning after the pandemic and the emotional impact of the social issues that occurred globally. During her spare time, Maria enjoys reading and travelling to different cities to gain an understanding of various communities at the destinations through their cuisines, culture, and traditions.

Aabha is from a city called Tirupur in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She moved to Brighton to pursue an MSc in Development Economics from the University of Sussex in 2021.

She did her Bachelor’s degree from Azim Premji University in Bengaluru, India in Economics with a minor in education. She has previously worked as a researcher for a policy advisory consultancy assessing the gaps in the food security and employment guarantee programmes in India. She was also part of a helpline to assist inter-state migrant workers from the Indian state of Jharkhand during the pandemic.

Aabha is keen on contributing to work that informs policy and focuses on decision making being inclusive and towards an equitable and just society. Her other interests include learning about anti-caste research and activism. She is thrilled to be part of an organisation that works on diversity and supports ethnic minority communities. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, go swimming and walk around Brighton.

Amanda Silva

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Amanda‘s journey led her to the UK in January 2020, fleeing the challenges of a Venezuelan dictatorship that compelled her to seek a new path abroad. Her educational accomplishments include graduating with Distinction from both Media Production Level 2 and Extended Level 3 programs at Crawley College.

While graphic design ignites her passion, her professional canvas extends far and wide, spanning copywriting, digital marketing, video production, illustration and voice acting. She works under the philosophy that there is always space for improvement, and every challenge is an opportunity to seek the gaps to make a positive change to any design, video or website she is working on. She loves reading, dogs, and long walks- especially up the mountains