Get Involved in Research with DRI

We support and engage in research into the experiences of marginalised communities and make sure that findings are actioned and the communities are fed back to. Our aim is to ensure that all the research projects we undertake result in a positive change for society and a reduction in inequalities.

Our research is led by expert academics and community researchers.

Whether you are a member of our local community or a representative from a public sector or academic organisation, you can get involved in research with DRI. We invite you to email us at to explore how we can co-produce or contribute to research projects.

There are several ways we can work together:

Co-Production: collaborate with us to co-produce research projects that align with our shared goals and interests. Your interest and expertise combined with our community-focused approach can lead to impactful research outcomes.

Collaboration with Ongoing Research: partner with us on ongoing research projects that require community members. Our connections within communities can be instrumental in furthering your research initiatives.

Facilitating Connections: we can facilitate connections between an organisation’s research and the communities we serve. Our expertise in connecting with minoritised communities can enhance the research process.

Contributions: if you or your organisation want to be part of one of our ongoing projects by contributing insights, resources, or expertise, we welcome your involvement. Your contributions can play a significant role in advancing our mission to increase awareness and reduce social inequalities.

We encourage you to explore our past research projects below. These initiatives showcase the depth and breadth of our commitment to improving the lives of minoritised communities.